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Knaresborough Celtic U18 Football Team, Contact Lenses and Sport

03 Jul 2018

An end of year presentation for Knaresborough Celtic U18’s Football Team. 

We have been proud sponsors for the past 3 years of Knaresborough Celtic U18 Football team, and although they have not been the top team in the league, they have certainly been a top ‘set of lads’. IMG_7750

A big thank you to Mick who has coached this team from 2011.

It has been amazing to see the boys change into young men and learn to play as a team.

We would like to wish all the boys good luck in open age football and where ever the next stage of life takes them.

Playing sport has so many benefits, as well as the obvious fitness, healthy body, healthy mind. It can help socially especially with team games, and mentally as there is evidence that the serotonin in the brain is triggered with the 'feel good factor' through exercise, hence help with mental illness and of course our weight.

But if you are struggling to join in with sport because of your vision, we have the solution. 

You don’t have to wear your everyday spectacles and risk the factors of getting the ball smashed in your face, damaging your vision or your glasses. 

Wearing contact lenses allows you to have peripheral vision which you don’t always get with your glasses, so trying to ‘man mark’ your player becomes a little bit easier than looking at the rims of your spectacles.

There are many options available and contact lens technology always improving for vision and comfort.

Personally for me (as a netball player and coach) I use daily contact lenses, put them in for my game and then take them out afterwards. 

But if you don’t want to go down the contact lens route there is sports eyewear with protective polycarbonate lenses and cushioned frames. 

Yorkshire Eyewear offers advice and free trials of contact lenses. 

See how contact lenses could benefit you in your chosen sport.

For more information about Contact Lenses What's best for you?Sports EyewearEyewear for all sports

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