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Frame in Focus: William Morris



The newest frame to appear in our frame in focus feature is this stunning ladies frame by William Morris.


William Morris are ‘very proudly British’ their company originated in London and the founder Richard William Morris is still at the helm of the business upholding the company’s family values.


This particular frame is from the companies ‘Eternal’ range which is designed specifically with the modern women in mind.


The frame itself is made of tortoiseshell acetate which makes the frame less obtrusive than some of the darker styles around at the moment, the sides are also bevelled which gives the frame an extra dimension and extra detail. The frame has a cat eye style however it is subtler than a lot of the frames available at the moment, perfect for somebody who would like to try a different shape but is afraid to change too drastically. The elegant diamante embellishment on the side is in the shape of a flower giving the frame a bit of sparkle without being garish.


We love this frame because it has lots of details giving it a texture that you don’t often see in a frame. The embellishments and shape are subtle enough for anybody to wear and suitable for all occasions.


Last Modified: Friday 11 November 2016 05:48
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