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Frame in Focus: Eté

29 Jul 2016

For our first Frame in Focus we've selected a beautiful hand crafted frame by Eté.

The designers, Eté, believe that each frame is a unique work of art. Each frame is hand crafted.

The specific frame that we are focusing on has individually selected feathers which have been delicately placed between two environmentally friendly cellulose acetate sheets which means that the frames keep a fantastic symmetrical style and allows the vibrant colour of the feathers to shine through. This frame also has metal embellishments on the side which really highlights the hue of the magenta feathers that are encased in the frames sides.

We love this frame for its distinct elegant design and attention to detail. It is a statement of individuality with no two frames being the same.

We have a range of different Eté frames, each with their individual touches, they really are a work of art.

Last Modified: Friday 07 October 2016 08:47
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Eté Frame in Focus Feathers Unique Hand Crafted

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