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Frame in Focus: Flair, art couture.

19 Oct 2016

Our latest, frame in focus, is this beautiful Flair frame from their art couture range. These German handmade frames were selected by Karen for her Bridal Eyewear by Karen Louise range but these aren’t only suitable for bridal eyewear.


Karen Louise says:


“I wear a couple of frames from this beautiful flair range personally, they are ideal not just for brides but also awards evenings and race days. I love them because they are so light so it’s more like wearing facial jewellery than a visual correction.”


They entire range are beautifully hand crafted using precious materials. This particular frame has diamond dust encased in the side detail. This rimless frame is effortlessly elegant from the jewel detail at the lug, right down to the silver tips which blend in with the metal sides.


Last Modified: Friday 07 October 2016 08:45
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Frame in Focus Flair Bridal Eyewear

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