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Importance of Child Eye Examinations

22 Aug 2018


With the big push on the importance of children's eye examinations in the news this week, we felt we should share this information (in the link below) by the BBC which highlights some of the affects of not having your child's eyes examined.

As opticians we care about children's eyesight and we encourage parents to get their child's eyes tested. However, there is still a high percentage of children that have never had an eye examination.

It is free for children under 19 who are in full time education, this is paid for by the NHS.

We were interviewed last week by Heidi Tomlinson of BBC Look North about the importance of having children's eyes examined.  Although Garrey's full interview will not be shown on the finished edit, there is still some footage of our Knaresborough practice which is showing on BBC Look North Yorkshire today. Catch us on BBC iplayer.

Last Modified: Tuesday 11 September 2018 09:35
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