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Maui Jim Visit

04 Aug 2016

Yesterday we were excited to have our local Maui Jim representative in the Knaresborough branch to talk to us about their brand and what sets their sunglasses apart from the rest.

They are the third largest sunglasses brand globally. The company originates from the Hawaiian island of Maui, where they still develop their products to this day. The ‘Jim’ in the brand name comes from the company’s founders pet parrot who is apparently quite a character.

People who have chosen to wear Maui Jim sunglasses will rarely buy any other brand again. The reason that people love their Maui Jim sunglasses is the fantastic lens quality.

Maui Jim say:

   “Our sunglasses won’t change the world-they’ll change the way you see it.”

Maui Jim’s lenses are all polarized and use rare earth elements in the lenses to enhance colour and clarity with an anti-reflective treatment on the back surface to neutralise reflected light from behind which helps to reduce eye strain.  They are also scratch resistant and have a waterproof and oleophobic coating making them easier to keep clean. 

Maui Jim sunglasses are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. They block 100% of UV A, B and C and manage the transmission of blue light to a better level, without which you wouldn’t be able to see colour properly.

Most of the frames are available in non-prescription and prescription (power dependent) and you can choose from a variety of types of lenses dependent on what you will use them for including a vibrant blue flash lens, the blue Hawaii.

Both Garrey and Karen are wearing these incredible sunglasses and I think I’ll be the next in line to buy them. We have them in all three stores and will be more than happy to let you try them out and demonstrate to you why Maui Jim really are the best sunglasses you can get for your money.

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