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Childrens Eye Protection

24 Feb 2018

7 Reasons Why Children Should wear Sunglasses

1. The lens of a childs eye transmits about 70% more UV than an adult eye,putting their retina at greater risk.

2. Half of the lifetime sun exposure occurs in the first twenty years of life, they are outdoors more than adults.


3. Because children are little they spend more time looking up towards the sun than adults.

4. When a childs eye gets sunburned, unless severe they will not feel the pain as they do with skin.

5. Cataract, pterygium and macular degeneration in older age are likely to begin with childhood UV and blue light exposure.

6. Hats only protect from above not below where reflective UV from water, sand or concrete can do a lot of damage.

7. With ozone depletion as much as 12% in certain parts of the world our children are at more risk than we were growing up.

So protect your childs eyes. Yorkshire Eyewear has polarized sunglasses giving 100% UV400 protection and blocks glare for children from just £5.95 in our branches and from our web shop

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