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15 Aug 2018

Transition Lenses – A Truthful Review
Written by Karen Louise Optical Dispenser

My past view with regards to transition lenses was ‘I didn’t like them’.  I always thought they were for the older generation and having a pair of fabulous prescription sunglasses was always my personal choice.

Now, in my late 40’s (yes, my children think of me as old) I am still fashion conscious and love wearing the latest styles of eyewear.

Essilor have brought out new transition lenses in fashionable colours specifically intended for the younger person and young at heart. So I decided to give them a try. I chose the X track 2 Signature varifocal lenses with a Lilac transition into the fashionable round nude coloured Bolon frames.

A total new look for me; I would never have chosen a round frame or such a light colour. It took me a bit of time to get used to a different look, but I do love them and have had so many lovely comments on my new eyewear, especially with the lilac tint when the lenses are fully transitioned.

So Why Do I Like Them, And What Has Changed My Mind?
I like the fact I can walk in and out of shops and not have to be messing around swapping my glasses.
They change pretty quickly when I walk outside, slightly slower when I go in, but they do go totally clear when indoors. I found the tint helped me to stop squinting when in not too strong sunlight but when really sunny and bright it wasn’t enough for me, however the Transitions Xtras, another Essilor Transitions lens, changes to extra dark outdoors, even in the brightest sun and has a hint of colour tint indoors.

Whilst abroad it was great for walking outside the apartment and not having to worry plus simple things like going through the underground car parks, it wasn’t a mad panic to change my glasses so I could see where I was going.

When driving they only changed to approximately 50% of the colour depth, which is Ok for not too sunny days but I have to be honest and say I prefer my polarised prescription sunglasses for driving. I also found abroad I needed to wear my darker sunglasses, the transitions in this colour I have chosen wasn’t enough for me. Perhaps next time I should think about the Transition Xtras.

I am also able to work on my lap top or read the kindle outside and still see my screen really well, which is a bonus as my polarised sunglasses can make this very tricky.

At a wedding, two weeks ago, I noticed about 10 guests wearing transition lenses and when the outside wedding photographs were taken it looked like members of the mafia were next to the bride and groom. Not sure that’s a look I would want for a wedding as all the transitions had gone really dark, hence I would never recommend the bride or groom to be wearing transitions for their wedding day!

To Sum Up
I have changed my mind about the transition lens after trying them, they are easy to wear, you don’t have to carry a separate pair of glasses with you and they can be the height of fashion. There is a place in my life for transitions and polarised sunglasses, so now I can say I have the best of both worlds

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