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Varifocals and You

25 May 2018

Not all varifocals are the same! This is very true.

Unfortunately with life it's often the case you only hear about the negatives.

Garrey and I have worked in practice for over 25 years and in the early days varifocal lenses were a bit 'tricky' to adapt to.

Technology has come on a long way, the lenses you may have had a bad experience with 10 years ago are not the same now.

Great Yorkshire Radio came to meet Garrey for a chat about some of our lenses and the new technology we use to measure and make your varifocal lenses bespoke to you.

We are one of the few opticians in the area to have invested in the Visioffice bespoke lens measuring equipment.

Lots of additional measurements are taken for the new X Series Varifocal lens by Essilor. They are designed for our digital life style of today.

Have a listen to Garrey's interviews as he talks about the visioffice and latest Essilor X Series varifocals.

We have had amazing positive feedback from our patients and we feel it is definitely the best varifocal we have worn

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