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Wedding advice from the experts

06 Jun 2018

So this is my first webinar which was a little bit nerve racking but quite exciting!

I was approached by Wedding Espresso to join their online meet up as the Bridal Eyewear expert. 

My fellow co-hosts were Tanya a celebrant Perfect Promises & Beth a photographer Elizabeth Young Photography with host James and his wife Rachel in the background sorting out the tech, from Wedding Espresso.

For anyone getting married there is some useful information from the experts.

There is so much to think about, but try not to get too stressed over your wedding, you should enjoy planning all the detail and have it run as smoothly as possible. 

The Webinar lasts about an hour, so you can listen to it (if like me) when sorting the tea out for everyone! 

You can email them with any question.

Just click on this link

Last Modified: Wednesday 06 June 2018 10:18
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