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What to Look For in Sunglasses

09 May 2018

What to look for in a good pair of sunglasses

Everyone wants to look cool in sunglasses but it is important to make sure the ones you chose are up for the job.

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Make sure you know what protection your sunglasses give your eyes, read the labels.

Number one priority is having 100% UVA & UVB protection. UV rays can cause cataracts, destroy the retina and can cause changes in cells that lead to skin cancer.

Fit: You should make sure that the glasses you chose are a good fit for you. Ill- fitting sunglasses can let the UV rays in to the eye area so they should fit the face well. Wrap around sunglasses are perfect for all round protection against UV rays and can also prevent sand and allergens entering your eyes.

Poloraised lenses reduces glare on the beach, in the water and also snow but they do not take the place of UV protection.  They can also make it harder to see computer screens, dashboards and smartphones.

Lens Colour:  The darkness of the lens makes no difference to the protection of the eye against UV rays.  Sometimes the darker the lens the more light the pupil lets in and the more UV rays are let in.

When you chose your new shades please don't forget your children and make sure they wear them whether it is sunny or not.


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