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Dyslexia Vision

Dyslexia and Visual Stress can make everyday life quite difficult when reading and writing, not only for children but also for the many adults who suffer from this. There are differing reasons why an adult or child should find difficulty reading and writing, swirling words, ‘rivers’ running between the words, and jumping letters on the page to name but a few.
We are NOT experts in dyslexia, there are many professional associations to help in this field, however what we are able to provide, are Cerium coloured lenses that can help the dyslexic and visually stressed person; these lenses have also been known to help those suffering with migraines.

If you think you or your child are one of the 10% in the UK suffering from Dyslexia, then the first step for you is to book a sight examination which will give insight to our optometrist as to whether you will benefit from an overlay test.

It may be necessary to first eliminate other problems, and eye exercises and/or prescription spectacles may be advised.  It is often considered a little too young for an overlay assessment for a child under 8 years of age, however this is totally dependant on the individual child.


Book an eye examination with us today and our expert team will guide you through a complete eye-care solution  tailored for you, from the right eyewear or contact lenses to the best advice on looking after your sight our family run local branches will always provide the best professional service.


So, what is an Overlay Assessment and what is involved?

An overlay assessment involves a patient reading small random words such as “the” “as” “this” “was” ”come” whilst timed for approximately one minute.  The different coloured overlay sheets are then introduced, one at a time, in a very specific order and the Patient is asked to read two identical sections of similar words, each section covered by a different coloured overlay. The patient is asked to compare the two colours and select the colour which makes the print easier to read, until it is established which colour works best for the patient. The Patient is then asked to read a passage with the words again to see if the coloured overlay improves reading ability in terms of time and accuracy.

If the overlay sheet makes a difference we normally suggest that you keep the overlay sheet and use it at home, school or work for up to six weeks to see if it is beneficial to you.  If you feel you will benefit from coloured lenses, then you can be booked in for the Colorimeter Assessment, which is a state of the art machine that “purifies” the colours.
We can dispense a pair of lenses made with the chosen colour and add a prescription if required.


Please call the practice for the prices and further information.