Hearing Assessments



Are you worried that you’ve started to hear less well recently? If so, we can help!

Both of our practices can offer a full audiology service through external specialists. One of their friendly, highly qualified Audiologists will carry out a thorough assessment of the health of your ears as well as performing a full hearing test to determine your current level of hearing. 

They will discuss the results with you and advise what the cause is and if you could benefit from a hearing aid or how to get the most out of any hearing support you already have.

If we discover that you need a hearing aid, or you need to change your current one, we can offer you a FREE trial of any new hearing aid for up to 2 weeks.

This service naturally comes with all with the same excellent care and personalised attention you’ve come to expect from Yorkshire Eyewear!

For more information, please call the practice of your choice.


Book an eye examination with us today and our expert team will guide you through a complete eye-care solution  tailored for you, from the right eyewear or contact lenses to the best advice on looking after your sight our family run local branches will always provide the best professional service.