Having a gorgeous frame will make you stand out from the crowd, however having good quality lenses that you can see through is critical to good vision.

At Yorkshire Eyewear we use Essilor (the world’s largest lens manufacturer) to supply our lenses. We offer lenses with anti-scratch and anti-reflection as standard.

We pride ourselves on the consistency of the lenses that we supply and will offer thinner and lighter lenses to those who require it.

At Yorkshire Eyewear we are forever looking to embrace new technology and we now supply Eyezen lenses which are designed to help with fatigue from using digital devices. 

All our lenses can be finished with different treatments to suit lifestyle, such as antireflection, anti fogging, blue light reduction and tints for sun protection.


Book an eye examination with us today and our expert team will guide you through a complete eye-care solution  tailored for you, from the right eyewear or contact lenses to the best advice on looking after your sight our family run local branches will always provide the best professional service.