Contact Lenses The best quality

We provide a comprehensive contact lens service, offering all types of contact lenses to suit all prescriptions.  (Nowadays almost all patients requiring corrective lenses will be suitable for contact lens wear regardless of their prescription.)

Contact lenses can be worn every day, or just for sport and social occasions –  we’ll advise you on the most suitable contact lenses for your prescription - there is usually a wearing schedule to suit everyone’s lifestyle.

After your initial fitting you will be required to attend regular aftercare appointments to ensure the continuing health of your eyes.

Remember, your vision provides the majority of your sensory input and ensuring you have the most suitable vision correction may be your most important lifestyle enhancer.

There is a whole big world out there to see and to help make sure you see it all; Yorkshire Eyewear will offer you a full range of high-quality contact lenses from the following suppliers:

acuvueWe pleased to be able to supply the whole family of Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue contact lens range – including the “Acuvue Daily Moist Multi-focal”.


bauschLombLogoHomeA trusted leader in eye health

UltraVisionCLPL-logoThe supplier we use for specialist contact lenses

Some benefits of contact lenses…

  • Clear, unobstructed vision
  • Often superior vision to glasses
  • No steaming up
  • Ideal for sport
  • Can be worn occasionally or full-time
  • Daily disposables require no cleaning
  • Available in multi-focals
  • An alternative to reading glasses, read the menu for meals out
  • An alternative look to glasses
  • Available in colours and tints to enhance or change eye colour
  • Available through a direct debit payment scheme to spread the costs