Eye Examinations A professional checkup

We provide eye tests for the whole family and welcome both private and NHS clients.

At Yorkshire Eyewear we understand how important your vision is to you and all our staff are dedicated to preserving the health of your eyes.

It is so important to have a regular eye examination, even if you feel you’re not having any problems, as regular check-ups can lead to early detection of common eye issues.

At your Yorkshire Eyewear full sight test we will:

  • have a general discussion about you and your health
  • fully examine and measure your vision
  • check your eye muscles are working well together
  • assess your eyes both internally and externally
  • fully discuss the results with you
  • offer you options for correcting your vision if this is required
  • give advice on maintaining the health of your eyes

At our Goole practice we can also offer you an enhanced examination with our Topcon 2000 OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) machine - or OCT for short! This machine will take a 128 point scan of the back of the eye and re-build this as a visual 3-D image. This enables accurate assessment and early diagnosis of many ocular conditions including Glaucoma and Macula Degeneration.


Private Eye Examinations £35.00


  • Child Under 16
  • Child 16 to 19 in full time education
  • Persons Over 60
  • Persons with Diabetes and Glaucoma
  • Persons on Universal Credit

For the full list please use the link: https://www.nhs.uk/nhsengland/healthcosts/pages/eyecarecosts.aspx